Spirflame® Microflame Technology

The Spirflame® is a patented, powerful microflame generator with an adjustable, electronically stabilized concentrated flame heat output.

The SPIRFLAME® Microflame Generator is used for precision...

  • soft soldering
  • silver soldering
  • brazing
  • welding
  • annealing
  • hardening
  • spot heating
  • polishing
  • flaming of plastic surfaces before print
  • jewelry applications
  • and numbers of more astonishing applications

The Spirflame® Microflame Generator developed and produced exclusively by Ernest Spirig, Switzerland is the only microflame heat source with enough stability and precision to make a Microflame Soldering System possible.

Our fully patented (worldwide) multi-cell electrolyzer finally allows you to easily design and build your own Microflame Soldering Station.

More details about the Microflame Soldering System LA2001.SS®. Please click here.