Spirflame® Microflame Generator

The SPIRFLAME® is a worldwide patented multicell electrolyser with a

  • powerful
  • adjustable
  • electronically stabilized

hydrogen-oxygen gas output. From this gas output, either one or more torches can be fed over a gas network. The gases are created from DI water using the worldwide-patented multicell electrolyser technology. A regular supply of 110...230 VAC energy (Watt consumption depends on gas generating rate and is between 30 Watt and up to 900 Watt). 

The SPIRFLAME® function:

SPIRFLAME® breaks down water (H2O) into its basic elements
2 parts hydrogen (H) and 1 part oxygen (O).


For further details and pictures about safety of Spirflame® gas generators and risks by using pressurized gas tanks, please click here.

Production rates follows the consumption at the torches JiT (Just-in-Time). Operating gas pressures are, compared to bottled gas supply, extremely low and are between a minimum of 50 mBar and up to a maximum of 150 mBar (approx. 1/1000 of bottled gas pressure).

SPIRFLAME® automatically mixes the hydrogen and oxygen to the optimal combustion ratio of 2:1 without any moving mechanical parts.

Even the smallest flames burn very stable on the tip. A perfect flame stability is most important for automated applications.

SPIRFLAME® automatically adjust the gas production rate without operator interference to the proper intensity to meet the requested gas pressure of the electronically pre-selected level, regardless of gas consumption (be it one or multiple torch users), variations of line voltage, warm-up of system and even aging of the system. This within the limits of the specific models.

Handling of the microflames can be either manually or by automated handling systems, such as robotic systems or the Spirig LA2001SS Microflame Soldering system, the first user friendly, microflame development kit that allows you to design and assemble your own Microflame Soldering Stations.

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