Service Center

Free Sample Work

Spirig / Spirflame® can within certain limits do free sample work and evaluation of application tasks. First contact us describing your potential application. If available send jpg images by e-mail.  Send samples postage prepaid. Over the years we have amassed a rich and varied application know-how. Take advantage of it.

Repairs and Spare Parts

For repairs and spare parts orders please contact Spirig Switzerland or Spirig USA directly.

Please provide the following information when you call or send an e-mail:

  • Serial No. (serial tag) of the Spirflame®
  • Part No of the spart part or picture of it
  • operating hours of the machine
  • Short description of the error or picture of the defective part


How to handle a return shipment for repair or service. Please go to our Download section, there is a PDF file with detailed instructions about returning a Spirflame®.

  • Always empty the Spirflame® from the electrolytic fluid. Electrolytic fluid is CORROSIVE. CONSULT the Spirflame Owners manual "How to Change the Electrolyte Fluid“
  • Freight to Spirig must be PREPAIDby sender
  • Customs value of the shipment: USD 200.00 or EUR 200.00
  • As your repair SF reaches our repair / upgrading center it is carefully inspected. We then quote you the repair at a fixed price. You agree to our cost and we start repair right away.

Electrolyte-fluid: Storage and Shipping

The special 1 liter plastic bottles(non-drip mouth, special cap with sealing edge) are filled from central electrolyte storage tank system with 1 liter of electrolyte fluid.

Each of these sealed 1liter plastic bottles is packed into an UN approved carton box.
There is a fluid absorbent material on bottom of the box and labels corresponding to the IATA restricted goods shipment regulations.

Overpacks according IATA regulations.
Always 9 of the individual 1 liter bottle containing boxes are placed into a so called "overpack" box.

Left in these UN / IATA boxes the electrolyte fluid is safe to store for years.
Actually shelf life of ELE is well over 20 years, we limit it on printed docs to approx 10 years.

To preserve longlife of our Spirflame®  premark flame generators the electrolyte should be changed each 2000 operating hours or minimum once a year, whatever happens first.