Spirflame® Jewelry Section

The Spirflame® Karat 250 is a worldwide patented multi-cell flame generator producing Hydrogen and Oxygen in the absolute perfect 2:1 ratio by the electrolysis of water. Energy is taken from any 230 vac outlet. The consumption depends on the gas production rate and reaches a max of approx 1000 Watt. The flame heating is electronically selected by user and is then automatically stabilized by the electronic control itself.

The KARAT250® is used with

  • goldsmith and
  • dental labs


  • platinum
  • gold,
  • silver
  • and other noble metal soldering tasks,
  • be it very fine or large

Handling is very user friendly. To make a substantial flame size change, close torch valve, change to new nozzle size, open torch valve, ignite gas and continue to work. No re-adjustments needed. Is the gas pressure once selected, despite to gas consumption variations by the torches, fully stabilized by the electronic control. The KARAT250® can therefore be installed remote from work area. To expand supply to eventual later to be added torch stations simply hook another KARAT250® to your gas lines. They will automatically and evenly distribute the load between themselves.

Permanent sustained gas rate is 250 liter of gas per hour. One KARAT250® can feed several torches.

The automatic gas pressure control effectively suppresses heat power interferences between torches.

The Multicell Electrolyser is a worldwide Spirig patent. The multicell technology creates that high reliability and availability of the SPIRFLAME® system acclaimed by the many users worldwide.

The well known goldsmith Mr. Giovanni Corvaja prefers since years the Spirflame® technology
The very fine gold and platinum wire works done by Mr. Giovanni Corvaja do not only need a stable hand, but with small flames also a constant heat delivery. Various of his delicate works showed in museums the world over can only be crafted with such a dependable tool.

One of Giovanni Corvaja's pieces     Instagram: @giovannicorvaja