Microflame Solder System LA2001SS

The first user friendly, development kit that allows you to design and assemble your own Microflame Soldering Stations. Combined from a selection of standard components/function blocks, a reliable microflame station can be built. Multiple numbers of Electronic Controls, Flame Delivery Cylinders, and solder Wire Feeders can be chained/linked together to solder simultaneously multiple joints.

To solder successfully and uniformly, joint after joint in full production situations, your non contact heat source has to be absolutely stable, easily adjustabel and self stabilizing.
Having more than enough heat, precisely controlled with the ability to solder without making actual contact on your parts allows consistent results, from the beginning to end of your production run.

The SPIRFLAME® Microflame generator developed and produced exclusively by Ernest Spirig Switzerland is the only microflame heat source with enough stability and precision to make the LA2000SS Microflame Soldering system possible.
Our fully patented (world wide) multi-cell electrolyzer finally allows you to easily design and build your own Microflame Soldering Stations.