Precision Electronic Pocket Timer ECT-1®

The Ideal Timer for Laboratories, for Experimentation and for those Hundreds of Tasks Demanding a Count-down and a Count-up Timing Device.

  • Clock function
  • Stopwatch (count-up)
  • Timer (count-down) from 1 second to max. 23 HR, 59 MIN, 59  SEC
  • Acoustic alarm at end of timing, limited to 60 seconds to conserve battery power
  • Convenient clip attachment
  • Stand and magnetic attachment
  • The digital LCD displays HR / MIN / SEC. 

The Count-down timing period is easily entered using the HR, MIN and SEC touch key buttons.
End of count-down period is announced by an internal acoustic alarm. Alarm limited to 60 seconds to conserve battery power.
With the count-down period lapsed, the ECT-1 starts to count-up until it is manually stopped. Therefore the time overflow since end of count-down period is displayed and available as a sometimes very critical factor, eg. the operator missed to stop a mixing action in a lab. The overflow displayed will be very helpful to determine further needed actions to compensate the overtime.
The current used count-down period is memorized and easily entered again for a repetitive count-down cycle without keying in and remembering the former timing.   
Display of day time and count-down function can be switched back and forth sliding a switch without interfering.
An active countdown will continue in the background if time display is in foreground and the alarm will sound at timing end.