The CelsiMeter® KC-1000 are housed in a robust, light weight plastic case . Customers often call them "tool box resistant". Still, we would not recommend having them thrown into a box with heavy tools like hammer, pliers, ...

There is an elegant plastic carry case available. All eventually needed extra parts for a successful pressure measuring job can be safely stored there.


CelsiMeter® KC-1000  
Range -50°C to +1000°C
Sensor Type <K> Type
Resolution 0,1°C / 1°C switchable
Accuracy instrument -50...+200°C: ±0,2% ±0,5°C; >200°C: ±0,2% ±1°C
Accuracy Probe (dependant) Adds up to inaccuracy of instrument
Ambient Operating Temp. 0 to + 50°C
Battery 9V MN 1604 (PP3)
Dimensions 135x70x28mm (5.4x2.8x1.2 inch)
weight with battery 270 grams (11 ounces)