The SPIRFLAME® is available in various models of same physical size but different maximum gas rate capacities.

The SPIRFLAME® models 105HP, 205HP and 250HP cover the maximum gas production rates of 100 litres gas per hour up to 250 litres gas per hour. Models with a higher gas rate capacity are available on request.

The SPIRFLAME® is delivered as a ready-to-use package complete for a one torch station installation. There are no hidden additional costs to get a fully working system.

Please see the PDF-File downloadable on the right for an overview of available models and accessories included in delivery.

Additional torches are simply added by manifolding the gas hose with plastic T-connectors. The number of additional torches is limited by the maximum gas rate of the specific SPIRFLAME® model and the flame sizes needed on the torches. The total gas rate can be used for a very large flame on one torch or for example 30 torches with very small flames. The total gas rate needed by the torches may not exceed the total gas production of the generator.

The SPIRFLAME® automatically synchronizes the gas production to the changing and varying gas consumptions of multiple torches.