Soldering Flux

Spirflux® 330 is a water based, organic nature, soft soldering flux fitting into the German DIN Norm 8511 F-SW 23-25. Spirflux330® is used on metals (not on light metals like Aluminium) which will not properly solder with conventional even highly activated rosin based fluxes.

ColoFlux® is an isopropylic-alcohol based dissolved pasty mixture of synthetic and natural rosins and binders. It is easy to work with, solderability enhancing, pasty flux for general applications in electromechanic applications like, soldering of profiled copper conductors in heavy electric motor or generator manufacture and transformers. But also small electric soldering assembly tasks take advantage of the pasty, easy to work with, nature of this ColoFlux®.

  • Brownish - yellow color (may vary between production charges).
  • Pasty at room temperature.
  • Boiling point 80 ... 85 °C defined by concentration of the isopropylic alcohol.
  • Specific weight approx 1 g/cm3.
  • Contains colophone, activators, water and isopropylic alcohol.

The User will have to test on his own that the Spirflux 330® or Coloflux® are fit for his application task.

Spirig does not take any responsability that the Spirflux 330® or Coloflux® perform properly.