Infrared CelsiMeter®


Todays advanced technologies in electronics, sensors, chips and microprocessors, LED's, LCD-displays, but also of plastic processing (lenses, reflectors,..) permit almost any measurement applications.

The IR sensor in the IR-CelsiMeter, the radiation eye, can pick up within a small viewing angle the radiation from a surface, almost like a binocular selects the view of a remote scenery. The "IR blind" operator uses the internal laser target marker to view the area which sends the radiation and of which the surface temperature is to be taken.

Principle of nonecontact measurement

All object surfaces emit in all directions a linear temperature dependant heat radiation. That's sort of like sensation felt either comfortable or stinging when moving one's palm without touching towards a more or less heated surface.
This heat energy radiation also depends on the surface condition of the emitting surface. A dull black surface is a good and effective emitter, glossy and shiny metallic surfaces have less radiation efficiency. This physical behavior is termed as emission or emissivity factor and describes the surface thermal characteristic. The opposite is the absorption factor for heat radiation. A black painted car heats up quicker and higher than a white painted car.

Fabrics, woods, concrete, stone, skin, plants or other none-metallic surfaces all have an emissivity between 0,90 .. 0,98. The IR-CelsiMeter® CMI-056V features an adjustable emissivity factor, adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00.
Shiny, none-oxidized or polished metallic surfaces have a much lower emissivity factor. Correction tables can be created.

Point & Click ...
the use of an IR-CelsiMeter® as a thermometer could not be easier.

IR-CelsiMeter® CMI-056V
Range -30 °C ... +530 °C
(-25 °F ... +990 °F)
°C / °F switchable
Resolution 0,1 °C of display
Repeatability ± 1°C
Accuracy (ambient @ +25°C) ± 3°C (-30 ... - 15°C) worst case
± 2°C (-15 ... +110°C) worst case ± 2% (+ 110 ... +530°C) worst case
Distance / spot 12 : 1 (spot ø 80 mm on 1 meter)
EM factor 0.1 to 1.00 adjustable
IR-wavelength 5 ... 13 µm processed
Cycle Time continuous sampling / HOLD of last value
Sampling 0,5 second
LED-Display 4-digit, 23 x 27 mm, back illumination
Laser marker intensive, bundled red spot, switchable
Ambient 0 ... +50 °C
10 - 90 %rH
Battery 9 Volt / MN1604 / 6LR61
Dimensions 185 x 95 x 46 mm
Weight 230 gram