Pocket Microscopes Spirig-40 and Spirig-100

In use the 40- respectively the 100- power SPIRIG pocket microscopes are positioned onto the surface to be inspected, the built-in illumination activated by a slide switch on the side, and then the image focused with the also side located thumb wheel. The "pocket mics" fit smoothly into the hand palms of big and small. Within seconds the micro-cosmos can be explored at micro-cost.

Model SPIRIG-40 SPIRIG-100 KIT SPIRIG-40 and -100
Magnification 40-power 100-power  
Field of view ø 3 mm ø 1,1 mm  
Focus adjustable Yes Yes  
Magnifier no 8-power  
Batteries 2x 1,5V standard AA / LA6 2x 1,5V standard AA / LA6  
Illumination LED lense lamp  
Scale in visual field Yes No  
Slide switch Yes Yes  
Dimensions (mm) 140 x 50 x 22 mm 152 x 45 x 23 mm with stand  
Weight (Gram) 65 110  
Packaging paper box paper box plastic box
Order Number # 17184 # 11497 # 17185