Giovanni Corvaja

The well known goldsmith Mr. Giovanni Corvaja prefers since years the Spirflame® technology.
The very fine gold and platinum wire works done by Mr. Giovanni Corvaja do not only need a stable hand, but with small flames also a constant heat delivery. Various of his delicate works showed in museums the world over can only be crafted with such a dependable tool.

Giovanni Corvaja lives in Todi in central Italy. Since 2005 he works as a freelance goldsmith artist in Todi and runs his private workshop/training centre there.

He teaches classes in his own workshop in Todi or in different goldsmith academys.

At the inhorgenta 2006 in Munich and the Baselworld 2007, he worked at our booth to demonstrate his work with our soldering machine.

For more information please contact Giovanni by his Instagram account @giovannicorvaja


Giovanni Corvaja got commissioned to design and make a prize for the 63rd Venice Film Festival, the UAAR prize for the best film.

He made a globe with inside a mass of fine wires with many small coloured glass balls. Giovanni: "Basically I crashed some coloured glass and remelt it into tiny balls with the use of the SPIRFLAME®."

The price was won by the film 'Azul oscuro casi negro' by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo.