Alchimia, Florence, Italy

Alchimia is a private contemporary jewellery school founded in Florence, Italy in1998.  It is the mission of the school to impart students with both conceptual and technical knowledge in contemporary jewellery, while, providing a supportive and practical working environment.

The four year program is structured in a sequential manner to allow students to slowly develop their awareness for both, their own work, and the contemporary professional standards. A major aim of the school is to work and teach free from traditional values that promote skills primarily for industrial production purposes. Our concern is to teach these skills, but employing them in new ways and designs. Interaction and communication between students and teachers is essential and will instill students with enough experience to become professional makers, artists and designers.

The school is very small and takes a maximum of 10 students for each course.

jewellery school
Via dell'Orto 35/r
50124 Firenze
tel+fax 0039 055 223218