Soldering Technology


Microflame Solder System LA2001SS and LA2050


The first user friendly, development kit that allows you to design and assemble your own Microflame Soldering Stations.

Combined from a selection of standard components / function blocks, a reliable microflame station can be built. Multiple numbers of Electronic Controls, Flame Delivery Cylinders, and solder Wire Feeders can be chained / linked together to solder simutaneously multiple joints.



LA2050® and LA2050.60®

The LA2050® is an extremely flexible and highly adaptable Spirflame® Hi-Speed Soldering system for Crimp - Wire Assemblies of various crimp barrel and wire size combinations.



Desolder Braids 3S-Wick®                     - ROHS conform -

3S-Wick® for solder removing jobs, whether delicate, intricate or routine.

3S-Wick® is a medium thermal mass wick to properly absorb and keep heat shocks away from sensitive components.

The low thermal mass wick, as seen recently promoted on by some vendors, will not properly cushion or protect against a steep temperature radiant on the to be desoldered area.


  • low cost per de-solder operation
  • is vacuumized, a patented process so unique it's patented
  • lead-free

The patented vacuumization process yields an unequalled smooth flux layer for fast action an virtually unlimited shelf-life.




Brazing (silver) soldering rod with flux core (without cadmium) for brazing many metals/alloys



Flux Material

Spirflux® 330 is a water based, organic nature, soft soldering flux.

Coloflux® is available again! Coloflux® is a paste flux for soft soldering.

Soldering Plate X-Plate®

Soldering Plate X-Plate®

... useful for many applications...