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CELSISTRIP® Irreversible Temperature Recording Labels


CELSISTICK® Irreversible Temperature Indicating Thermo-Crayon


CELSIREVERSO® Reversible Temperature Labels

CelsiStrip®, CelsiStick® and CelsiReverso®

The CelsiStrip® / CelsiPoint® / CelsiDot® / CelsiClock® Temperature Recording Labels are our, now for almost 20 years manufactured, temperature recording labels. These labels are an inexpensive, safe and reliable way of monitoring, measuring and recording of the temperature history of any surfaces. Application can be easily performed. These self-adhesive temperature labels are available in 40 different temperature ratings from +40 °C to +260 °C and are available in various physical sizes and temperature combinations to choose from.

Exceeding the specific temperature rating of an indicator spot (level) will permanently change its original white colour into a dark black one. Not blackened indicator spots have not been exposed above their specific rated temperature level.

All items are always fully stocked. In an urgency materials can be „fedexed.. ups‘d .. dhl‘d“ within an hour after receipt of PO.

Certain applications might be solved by our irreversible thermo-sensitive melting crayons CelsiStick® serving temperature ranges from +40 °C to well above +1000 °C.


Irreversible Temperature Recording Labels CelsiStrip®

CelsiStrip® irreversible Temperature Recording Labels permanently and dependably measure and record the maximal temperatures history on any surface, even if it is on a disk brake saddle of a Porsche® HiPe racing car. Do you know a simplier, less complicated and more economical solution to record under actual driving conditions such temperature maximum values? ... we don't.

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Irreversible Temperature Indicating Thermo-Crayon CelsiStick®

The function of the irreversible (not reversing) temperature indication of the CelsiStick® depends entirely on the melting process of materials (compounds) with a precise defined melting point or melting range. Melting identifies the specific temperature level and not a discoloration of the applied mark. The temperature indication entirely depends on the principle of the well defined physical melting point of the materials, and not on a chemical reaction between materials.

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Reversible Temperature Labels CelsiReverso®

Two different types of reversible labels are available: liquid-crystal based and pigment based indicators.

Liquid-Crystal Thermofoils

ThermoDot® and ThermoStrip®