The Solder Wire Delivery

The Solder Wire Transport mechanism is mounted on a pneumatic slide cylinder (Z2). The sled itself has a diameter of 20 mm tube adapter to fit into the tubular frame system. The three dimensional flexibility of this design allows to position the solder wire dispensing nozzle optimally to solder task.

The LA2000SS Control can operate this Solder Wire Feeder in various modes. For example in a stand-alone mode (3) the solder wire drive fix mounted and dispensing wire via a flexible dispensing hose. Or under mode (2) the solder wire assembly with a direct mounted rigid dispenser tube, the whole assembly moves to and from the target. Or under mode (0) to operate in coordination with the Flame Delivery Cylinder.

The rigid feeder tube mounted on the drive can be replaced by a flexible snap-in wire guide hose of up to 300 mm length with dispensing nozzle.

Solder wire feeding through the rigid drive mounted dispenser tube gives a better solder deposit stability.