Flame Igniter


PartNo.    #11815

Size:          120 x 65 x 35 mm thick.    
Weight:     0,25 kg   
Supply:     24 VDC
Output:     High-Voltage

The FLAME IGNITER IG-1010.xx generates an electric high voltage impulse or burst of impulses upon supply of 24 vdc to its input.

WARNING   HIGH VOLTAGE   Risk of electric shock
WARNING   HIGH VOLTAGE   Creates strong electric interference and noise

  • The FLAME IGNITER IG-1010.xx module needs an electric shielded installation.
  • The generator module must be installed into a closed metallic box .
    The high tension cord must preferably be guided through a convenient installed copper(better is soft / magnetic steel) tube.
  • Exposed high tension lead length should be kept to a minimal length.
  • Solder the tube to the metallic housing case.
  • Ground MUST be preferably carried by the tube to the spark location.
  • Electric sparks can damage nearby electronic components by EMF.
  • Unshielded installation will interfere with electronic controls on equipments.