The Flame Delivery

The SPIRFLAME® gas generator (several models to choose from) supplies the perfectly mixed gas components 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen gas a to a special Flame Delivery Cylinder (Z1). The cylinder stem is hollow and is used to feed the gas to the torch assembly mounted on the stem end. The end has a rotary gas hose connector.

The flame size depends on the orifice of the torch tip and on the gas pressure. The precision tuning of the flame can be made by adjusting the gas pressure supplied by the Spirflame® instrument. There is no mechnical adjustment for the flame size (except the basic selection of thecalibrated torch tips), and there are no mechanic parts to mix the gases. The patented multicell gas generation makes these mechanical means found, on other flame application apparatus, obsolete. Mechanical adjustments would never allow a precise and repetitive setting of a flames heat output.

The SPIRFLAME® microflame, be it large or small, always shows the same core temperature level. Flames differ in the amount of calories released per time. This is a strict function of gas flow per second and this again a direct function of gas pressure which is fully electronic controlled. no mechanic means exposed to wear and tear.

The SPIRFLAME® have a needle-shaped heat zone. All heat front out. There is virtually no side heat radiation to damage nearby components. In axial direction the heat of a small flame can be sensed over centimeters. Components in the flame projection path must be shielded from that concentrated heat radiation.

A patented stainless steel heat mask is forced by the moving cylinder stem out of its way and forced back into shield position upon returning home.