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Factory Outlet: Spirig Switzerland

Factory Outlet

Used Spirflame®s

We are having a waitinglist for used Spirflame®s. For used Spirflame®s we can't give a guarantee.

Currently, we don't have a second-hand Spirflame® for sale.


Clearance Sale


Ultrasonic Cleaners: EcoClean® and EconoClean®

Show displays - not used - as good as new

30% off

EcoClean® EC-400, Sales price: EUR 574.50

  • volume 4 liters (235x135x100 mm)
  • with time switch
  • 220 Volt
  • incl. cover and basket
  • Original price: EUR 820.75

EconoClean® model Profi, Sales Price: EUR 800.10

  • volume 4 liters (230x140x150 mm)
  • 220 volts
  • incl. cover and basket
  • Original price: EUR 1'143.00


Please ask for a quote.