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3S-Wick® is easy in application. Press 3S-Wick® of proper size (width) with hot iron tip on solder joint. When solder melts and after solder is absorbed into the wick end, do lift simultaneously wick and tip from joint. Joint is now clean from solder and ready for resoldering either immediately or later. The minimal flux residue from 3S-Wick® is designed to be a surface protectant after de-soldering against loss of solderability of that joint.

For a good desoldering operation

  • Use a tip with a chisel like end for a good heat flow contact to the desolder wick,
  • Use a chisel width similar to the wick width,
  • Use a thermostat controlled soldering iron station,
  • Clean tip regularly (wet sponge) prior the desoldering operation,
  • Pretin tip from time to time with a standard flux-cored electronic grade ROHS compliant solder alloy.

TIP #1
Use of solder tips with a chisel like tip end. Allows to softly and evenly squeeze the wick structure across the desolder area. Heat transfer is optimal.
TIP #2
As a chisel sized tip preferably use one with approximately width of wick size.
TIP #3
Having a too wide wick for a small pad? -> Cut the wick in an angle. This makes a fine wick end with lower thermal mass.
TIP #4
Having a too small wick or a too big solder deposit area? Fold the wick end and you get the needed "larger" sized wick. Make sure tip has enough thermal mass to heat the enlarged wick mass properly.
TIP #5
Desoldering is soldering the wick end with the solder to be removed. Using the well known solderability dip test allows to check and compare any wick for proper desolder function and speed of absorption. Your dip test might surprisingly look like the image to the right. Detailed technical informations on request.
TIP #6
3S-Wick® / Desolder braid does recommend the use of electronic  or thermostat temperature controlled soldering irons.