Micro-CelsiStrip® Label Reports Maximal Temperature Level History

Todays Electronic assemblies do shrink in size and physical volume. Their processing speeds jump skywards. Each of these positive advancements is a reason for an increase of the operational temperature levels of installed components and needs carefull attention. Life and reliability of any components do depend on the operation temperature levels.
The Micro-CelsiStrip®s maximal temperature level detecting labels are virtually the only economical, reliable and easily applied maximal temperature level detectors to which in comparison any other method simply pales. Micro-CelsiStrip®s are available in a wide range of temperature levels and level combinations from +40ºC to +260ºC (105°F - 550°F) to cater to any electronic application task.
The original white temperature sensitive spots turn permanently black as their specific temperature level is exceeded for parts of a second. Then the mark will stay forever (permanently) black as a positive proof that a certain temperature level had been exceeded on that location.

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