Light and Sight from Pocket Microscope™

Handy, Self-illuminating Pocket-Microscopes

The SPIRIG portable microscopes are designed and manufactured as a compact assembly of a lens case, containing the microscope itself, with a battery compartment and a light source.  Two models of the SPIRIG portable microscope are available: SPIRIG-30X and SPIRIG-100X.
Powered by two AA-size alkaline batteries, the SPIRIG-30X and -100X microscopes provide their own light source to illuminate whatever requires very close examination. The microscope itself weighs 100 grams and its size measures 140 mm long, 45 mm wide, and 20 mm deep. The SPIRIG-100X microscope also comes with its own stand and object holder clips.
The lens case contains three optical lenses. Two lenses are in fixed positions; the third lens is movable to adjust focus.
SPIRIG microscopes are easy to operate. Place the microscope either on top of, or very close to what you want to examine, slide light switch to ON and use the slightly recessed adjustment wheel located on the case to adjust your focus.  And that's it! A complete set composed of one each pocket-30x and -100x power costs only € 59.-  , a price bearable for many pockets.
For this "Light & Sight from Pocket" the applications might be for professional or private users almost endless.
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