None-contact Temperature Measurement on Critical Surfaces

Highly integrated advanced optoelectronics do now permit Spirig to offer a compact, low cost and reliable none-contact Thermometer CelsiMeter® CMI-056. On a measuring distance of one meter the temperature sensing area has a diameter of 80 mm. The integrated laser beam target finder identifies from which area the temperature readings will be picked-up. Temperature range is between -30 °C and + 500 °C. The attractive user price of CHF 129.- / EUR 89.50 / USD99.90 should now allow any person to consider using such hitec instruments. These IR-CelsiMeter®s are available from stock.                        

Special action / time limited   

CH:         CHF 99.90/piece + VAT inclusive surface mail postage   

EU:         EUR 66.60/piece no VAT inklusive surface mail postage   

World:     USD 79.60/piece no VAT + postage USD5.50

This very special low price might indicate a low quality product? It is not. Our promotion budget helps carry along this offer for a short period of time.