Heat Sensitive Label Documents Maximum Surface Temperatures

The CelsiStrip® self-adhesive labels are easily applied to any cleaned surface. CelsiLabels will permanently change their specific temperature indicating areas from white to black colour whenever their specific temperature levels are reached or exceeded. The brake cylinder surface in the image did reach 54°C but surely never exceed the 60°C level.

There is no simplier, less expensive and more reliable method available to catch the maximum surface temperature history of any surfaces. CelsiStrip®s are available in a variety of arrangements of fourty sequenced temperature levels from +40°C / 105°F and up to 260°C / 550°F. Applications are countless from control of storage temperatures, to monitoring Minimum and Maximum temperature levels of thermal processes. For example to document the positively passed artificial ageing of electronic assemblies at elevated storage temperatures or a warranty claim verification or rejection in case of a user-caused equipment overheating.

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