Jumbo-CelsiDot® Excess Temperature Alarm Label, easily visible from remote locations

Recently some key associations responsible for safety issues do request that process- and safety relevant drive and control components like electric motors, transmissions gears and other parts used in chemical-, energy-, but also food-processing industries are monitored on excess temperatures. Upon detected exceeded temperature levels certain preventive maintenance steps must be initiated.

An especially economic, reliable, easily applied and dependable method is presented by the new, large faced, remote viewable Jumbo-CelsiDot® temperature recording labels. For example the CelsiDot® 93°C applied on the electric motor on the left side of the image has permanently turned from white to black, a sure sign that this location had exceeded in the past the label’s 93°C temperature trigger level. An identical Celsi®label applied to the gear case to the right is still white, an undisputed sign that there the temperature history never has reached or even passed the 93°C level.

These Jumbo-Celsi® labels are available in 40 different levels within the range from +40 °C and all the way up to +260 °C. Labels are available in folders of 24 labels or on reels each 1200 such labels. The Celsi®-Labels can be ordered at e-shop www.spirig.com

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immediate release Dec 30, 2005