Summer surely will arrive and so will excess temperature related problems during transport and storage of thermal sensitive goods.

Thermo Label Visually Warns on Exceeded Temperature Levels.

Each year summer temperatures start to create problems for shippers, transport companies and destinies as temperature sensitive goods might exceed their thermal limits. Assigning the responsability is critical, sometimes almost impossible without hurting long business relations. One of the critical applications is the shipping of empty PET bottles from manufacturers to the bottlers. For cost reasons PET bottles are designed to the almost absolute limit of reduced wall thickness and once filled-up, should withstand safely the internal gas pressures. It is known that exceeding a certain temperature limit highly influences the future PET bottles durability.

Applying the Jumbo-CelsiDot® 54 °C thermo label is a highly reliable, easy applied and economic method to watch out for transport induced exceeded temperature limits. The shipper places a conventional large, visual easy detectable paper label (target) on the outsides of his skin packed pallets. The 20 x 20 mm wide Jumbo-CelsiDot® thermal sensitive label is then applied to "target" label. See image. The target label's purpose is to allow a quick localisation of the smaller thermo-labels. The moment the central white heat sensitive area exceeds its switch temperature level the white circle area changes almost instantaneously into a permanent dark black. This is a clear and undisputable proof of an exceeded level. Image recognition software can be used.

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immediate release April 22, 2005