New Temperature-Datalogger DataPick®2005

When, How long and at Which intensities did it happen?

Applied technology is full of physical parameters, like temperature, humidity, pressure, you name it.

Each of them influencing our todays or tomorrows lifes to the good or bad. Often the important issue "When, How long and at Which intensities did it happen?" gets, due to not available low-cost technical instrumentations, a proper answer. Clever and user-friendly combined new datalogging hard- and software DataPick® 2005 generation from Spirig is applicable by anybody moderately able to use a PC computer. The economic price of Euro €66.-/ logger makes this affordable to the DIY person for his home or for a climate control engineer to monitor a pharmaceutical plant with hundreds of "temperature sensitive locations". That the DataPick®s might travel with ESA into space is probably not a price issue.

Example of an earthbound application:
The heating / climate control system of a building complex with 100 apartments must be balanced for proper energy distribution. The needed 150 or so DataPick® modules are prepared on a standard office PC for a <time-date-delayed> mission and later distributed at their strategic locations.
All these DataPick® will then start exactly at the same second their temperature data collection activities with the pick intervals, each few seconds or minutes as instructed during launch process, until their data storage capacity of 16'000 readings is full. The stored data readings are safe against battery failure. Physically collecting the loggers and data read-out to PC and the temperature history of these apartment is solidly documented and comparable.

Inquiries for DataPick®s should be directed to
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Phone: +41 (0)55 222 6900
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